Cupcake Milkshake!

Here's what I wore when Erika & I went to Bluewater Shopping Centre earlier in the week! I actually had started off the day wearing something completely different but got covered in milk stains...breastfeeding problems!! So I finally settled on this Zara blouse which I got last year for Sorrento, my Mother Tucker leggings and a Mother Tucker nursing tank underneath. Both of these are shapewear that suck everything in which I'm finding really useful especially at 3 months postpartum! Sometimes you just need an extra bit of hidden "support" to hold it all in if you know what I mean ;) My shoes are some of the most comfortable ones I own - they are black suede leather flats from New Look.

Emilia was less interested in posing for pictures and more concerned with "cleaning" with her new body brush she randomly found...ha ha ha! Her outfit is all Zara - a light pink duck t-shirt and the super soft dark pink printed leggings in an almost quilted material. She wore her pink giraffe sandals later on when playing in the garden and her bow is from Ellie Rose Bows & Clothes.

Poor Eduardo didn't get a look-in, as it seems I was more concerned about getting a picture of this beauty instead!! Ha ha ha, oops. Erika & I went to Lola's Cupcakes in Bluewater and got Red Velvet Cupcake These things are heaven in your mouth - whoever invented such glorious perfection deserves to be a king (or queen) because this is quite literally THE most delicious thing I have ever tasted!!! There is an actual cupcake in the in you can taste the crumbs going up the straw while you sip it. This is the food of angels!!! You can actually see my honest first time reaction to the taste of it in my video face says it all!

Aside from that, Eduardo's outfit was really cute too but I did forget to take a proper picture of it! He was wearing a little star onesie & star pants from Baby Gap along with his grey dribble bib from Jack & Jillaroo (my favourite one he owns).

Watch my vlog from this day above, complete with our outfits, what I ate and a bit of a haul! 


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