Fashion Friday: Garden Outfits!

Here's what we wore to our private "garden party" yesterday! In other words, here's what we wore on a regular weekday spent lounging around in the sunshine in our back garden :) I am wearing a nursing t-shirt from Boob, some white sequined shorts I got in a tiny boutique in Sorrento & my white & gold Havaianas. Emilia got this black & grey polka dot dress as a present from someone and it doesn't have a label so I don't know where it's from! :( Sorry! Her black bow is from Layniebug Designs and we decided it was too hot for shoes!

Eduardo is wearing a teal top from DPAM, Zara leggings and a grey star Jack & Jillaroo dribble bib! I love these leggings on him...they are so cute!

And here is Jonathan's new shape up for summer plan! Lifting Maltese puppies :) His outfit is basically all Topman, except for the hat - that's from Superdry. 

How crazy is it that while I was editing these pictures for my blog, Emilia came over to me, looked at this one and said "SINA!" I am so amazed at how she recognises all the dogs' faces, even in photographs!

You can watch our family outfits of the day video above! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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