Mommy, Toddler & Baby Outfits!

This is a verrrry casual, simple outfit of the day perfect for furniture shopping at IKEA which is exactly what we did! I don't know what it is about that place but it seems like every time we go in we end up spending an entire day's a flatpack vortex! But the good news is every time we leave we are one step closer to finishing furnishing our house. I am wearing my super slouchy boyfriend jeans from ASOS (about 5 years ago!), a blue & grey striped tee from Selected and my New Look grey suede flats. 

Emilia is wearing a navy blue fishy dress & white leggings set from Bluezoo, a red bow from Layniebug Designs and white headband from Heather's Bonny Bows and socks from Next. When she eventually put on some shoes she wore her Hello Kitty Vans!  

Eduardo is wearing a cute little nautical outfit (long-sleeve stripe t-shirt & navy blue combats) which was a gift...I have no idea where it's from! Sorry! His anchor dribble bib is from Tesco F&F.

You can watch our video from today here!



  1. Love your blog and video. You have inspired me so much in so many ways- better mum, better wife, to look after myself (loving estee lauder make up and porridge with honey and cinnamon) and also ideas in our home...quick question where did you get the white table in your living room with the baskets, not the liatorp glass one. We would love it in our living room, going all white ans grey with hints of blue. Thank you so much again for everything you do nic x

  2. Cute


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