Eduardo's 5 Month Update

Eduardo turned 5 months this month! I can't believe next month he will be half a year old! This month brought along some big changes...some easier to handle than others!

The first big milestone was that Eduardo has now started solids! So far he has mostly just stuck to a mixture of fruits, veggies & baby rice. At the moment he is on three solid meals a day (a mixture of fruits & baby cereal for breakfast and veggies for lunch & dinner). We started with purées but I have started to give him bits of finger food to play with and he loves it...even if most of it ends up on the floor :-/  So far his favourite foods seem to be bananas, carrots & sweet potatoes! I am still continuing to breastfeed him as normal and although the milk feeds have decreased slightly I'm still feeding at night so I haven't noticed a huge difference. Having said that when I first introduced solids I did get quite sore & engorged at times...but it seems to have settled down quickly!

We also went through a major teething phase where Eduardo was extremely fussy, didn't sleep much and kept us all up during the night. He was super clingy, upset and not himself at put it lightly, it was awful! Especially trying to stay on top of everything with a very active toddler who wakes up at the same time every morning, no matter what! But thankfully we seem to have gotten through it and are at the end of this little rough patch. Although after all that Eduardo doesn't even have any teeth to show for it! I swear I can see those bottom front ones peeking through but they haven't come up yet! We tried Teetha camomile granules and baby Bonjela but the thing that Eduardo liked best was definitely his Sophia the Giraffe teething toy. I don't know what it is about that thing but he loves nothing better than to grab hold of it and give it a good gnaw!

Eduardo is also now able to sit up by himself, although he does flop over after a while and I definitely still need to put cushions around him just in case! But he is getting stronger everyday and with that comes more playtime & interactions with his big sister Emilia! This is probably the most fun & rewarding part of having two children close together. I absolutely love when they play :) 

To see what else I had to say about Eduardo hitting 5 months, you can watch our update video here!


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  1. Hi Anna!
    My little boy is about to turn 4 months, I was watching Eduardo's 4 month update and got stuck watching all of them ��
    I'm feeling the same at the moment with having a hungry little boy at just 4 months, I bottle feed because unfortunately I couldn't breastfeed but at the moment he has 10oz bottles every 4 hours..I was just wondering did you see a massive difference when you did introduce baby rice etc?
    Also I am having the same with teething!
    I know this post was years ago but I wonder if you have any advice for me

    Emelia & Elliott


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