Yes, that is a milk stain on my left boob. And no, I'm not ashamed to admit it! Ha ha ha...these pictures were taken right after putting Eduardo down for his afternoon nap so, what can I say?! It also seems that Nivea decided to join me for today's photoshoot...she is the doggy with the pink bow who appears to be frozen on the spot. Not sure what's going on there...I think she was debating in her head whether she should go out into the pouring rain or not. Which leads me to my next excuse point - it has literally not stopped raining all day so unfortunately these had to be taken inside. 

Not that my outfit is particularly exciting but it is a Sunday after all. You can be sure that we didn't leave the house today with two sick children and this miserably wet weather! Even the doggies won't go out...they are all huddled together either on the sofa or in one bed (I found FOUR of them squished on top of one another). I am wearing my trusty GAP 1969 Always Skinny jeans along with a striped Boob Design nursing top (the one I linked isn't the exact same as this is from almost 2 years ago but it's the closest to it!) and my H by Hudson boots. Basic, comfy, mommy attire!  


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