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My poor two little nuggets are sick with a cold at the moment which means lots of sniffles, runny noses, snotty tissues and late night wakings (*wails*). I know this is all strengthening their immune systems but that doesn't make it any easier - I hate seeing my babies sick! Not that you can really see it, but Eduardo's outfit here is from The Children's Place and his dribble bib is from Jack & Jillaroo. His hair is starting to grow a lot! I think he's going to be lighter than Emilia - right now it looks like an ashy blonde.

My outfit of the day features this check shirt which you guys have seen many was such a steal from Heatons three years ago and it has taken me through two pregnancies and beyond! Every time I wear it I get so many questions & compliments about it - I wish people knew what a bargain it was! Underneath I have on a plain white Boob Design nursing singlet (perfect breastfeeding outfit) and another pair of Selected Femme pants. These ones are the exact same type as yesterday's tan pair but oddly enough they fit completely differently. When I bought them both were called "Annie Twill" skinny trousers and I got them in the exact same size. However this pair fit A LOT smaller than the other. It drives me crazy! I genuinely can only fit into them comfortably if I've lost a few pounds and am having a really skinny day! Today was not such a day, which is precisely the reason why I've since taken them off and replaced them with a far more comfortable pair of velour sweatpants in the same colour (no-one will ever know...). My boots are from H by Hudson, same as yesterday! On my nails is Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle polish (a glittery plummy red) and on my lips is none other than Lancome's Rouge in Love lipstick 200B Rose Thé.

Tomorrow Jonathan & I are heading out to do some child-free is pretty ridiculous how excited I am!! Although I'm fairly certain I will just end up missing our two little monsters the entire time we're gone. This was also why today's blog post was so late - I was pumping like a mad woman and am not multi-talented enough to blog and milk myself at the same time. Perhaps someday I will master that along with reverse-parking and other difficult things ;)


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