Christmas Shopping in Dublin

The title of this blog post is kind of a lie because technically we didn't get any Christmas shopping done today. But we tried! We attempted to go to the Disney shop but it was so full of people we could barely move (though Emilia enjoyed herself and somehow convinced me she needed 100 more bath toys). We then ventured into Brown Thomas to pick up some goodies for friends & family we were visiting but that was equally as packed so with two restless little ones it didn't last long! Though Emilia did serve tea to a mechanical polar bear (and waited with wide eyes for his reaction!). But although our shopping experience was short-lived, it really didn't matter as there was a wonderful buzz about town. Dublin is bustling with people and it feels like everyone is in the Christmas spirit! 

What definitely adds to this seasonal cheer is the Christmas tree in our room! This is probably my favourite thing about our hotel so far...even Emilia & Eduardo have made "saying goodnight to the kissmiss tree" part of their bed-time routine. I am wearing a cream chunky knit jumper from Juicy Couture with these khaki pants that I got from Primark (about 3-4 years ago) and my H by Hudson boots. Underneath the jumper I'm just wearing a basic brown tank top from In-Wear. Emilia is wearing her UGG boots, a cream faux fur jacket from The Children's Place, Zara leggings and a cream teddy bear hat which is also from Zara. And yes, she is pulling my hair in the last picture. But she's smiling for the camera so I forgive her!!


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