Chunky Knit

This jumper was one of the items I purchased at Bluewater yesterday. I'm quite a fussy shopper, definitely not an impulse buyer and I have to really love something in order to make a purchase. This caught my eye at the last minute when we were in Tessuti - I had already picked up two basic navy & white v-necks from Velvet (boooring, but necessary!) and was about to give up with nothing "special" but then I saw this! I'm always a fan of black & grey in the colder months but am trying to change my ways this season. A colour I often forget about is cream or off-white. It can actually look really warm & snuggly in the winter, especially paired with warm tones and gold jewellery. 

This chunky knit pullover is from Juicy Couture and priced at £144 but all womenswear in the shop was 20% off so I got a good deal! (I realise the girl on the website is wearing this off the shoulders - I feel mine are too broad to pull off this look but I may try it off one-shoulder next time!) Underneath I am wearing a basic cream high-neck tank top from Forever21 (couldn't find it on the website, but this is the closest thing to it as it's also 100% linen). My olive green pants are from ASOS, about 3 and 1/2 years ago. The tan ankle boots are from H by Hudson

Aside from the fashion picks I mentioned, I also did a little bit of home decor shopping. I can't tell you how many times I had passed Zara Home but dared not to enter with small bored children and far too many beautiful items just begging to be picked up & smashed. So I saved myself the embarrassment and bided my time. Yesterday was the perfect opportunity, I was child free and Jonathan was on the phone (distracted husbands make for amazing shopping partners. You can literally buy as many items as you want without them even noticing - ladies, take note!). I needed a new blanket as well as another duvet set so I got this furry deliciousness and this striped grey set. I also got a blue star cot sheet for Eduardo...and a few baby boy spoons as I am sick of feeding him with pink Minnie Mouse cutlery. Not that it makes the slightest bit of difference, but I feel bad for him sometimes!


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