Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was a fairly quiet one. Being that it was our first Halloween in our new home in the UK, we found ourselves a bit out of our comfort zone without the regular neighbours & friends that we usually spent the holiday with. Also the area we live in is quite a bit older where most of the children are grown up so trick-or-treaters were few and far between! So we saved that part for another day (see tomorrow's post) and instead spent the day baking cupcakes, carving pumpkins and we even set off a few fireworks for good measure! Emilia went to football, scored a goal (woo hoo!) and bagged some Halloween sweeties. 

I'm wearing a black & grey striped nursing dress from Boob Design along with my black suede wedge boots from Whistles. Emilia is wearing her "back-up" costume, a cupcake! She got this a while back - it is from Old Navy. Underneath she is wearing some lavender jeggings from The Children's Place and matching cupcake socks. Her bow is from Ellie Rose Bows & Clothes

I hope you all had a safe & fun Halloween!


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