Little Legs

Happy Sunday everyone! 

Today I took all of your advice and instead of becoming a hermit I decided to get in my car again and attempt to drive to the shops without having another parking meltdown. While the weather was better, Jonathan had cleaned my back window so I could actually see out of it, and there were far more free spaces for me to choose from I still chickened out at the last minute and had Jonathan park for me! I genuinely don't understand how people reverse into boggles my mind. Maybe one day I'll get my head around it but for now, please allow me 5 extra spaces so that I can park across them all. I'm also convinced that my car is actually monstrously sized (it's not) and I need an extremely wide berth whilst I manoeuvre my gigantic double-decker bus disguised as a C-class around the roads of Surrey. 

Here I am wearing my new French Connection oversized jumper which was part of my birthday present from my mama. I love it! It looks black but the colour on the label says "ink" so I'm not sure sometimes if it's just a really dark navy. Either way, it's become one of my favourite autumn/winter pieces. It's longer in the back than the front, has a wide neckline and looks great layered over a white shirt. Here I'm wearing it with my Vila white sleeveless blouse. Underneath I have on my grey acid wash Zara skinnies and Whistles ankle boots

Eduardo wanted to take part in today's outfit of the day (Emilia didn't) so here he is wearing none other than Zara Baby...are you even surprised?! If you couldn't already tell I am a huge fan of Zara Baby clothes. In fact almost all of Eduardo's wardrobe consists of Zara items. I first fell in love with their stuff when I discovered their range of boy leggings. Eduardo isn't exactly blessed in the height department (can you blame him?! I mean look at his parents ;) so his legs look completely ridiculous in most boy pants. Think of a stick in a paper get the idea. Zara leggings actually fit properly without making him look like his little pins are drowning in fabric so they're a win-win for us! Here he is wearing a grey alphabet pair along with a grey "superboy" top. His bib is from Jack & Jillaroo

I hope you all had a relaxing Sunday and lovely weekend! 


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