My 27th Birthday!

On Monday I turned 27. You can't tell from these pictures but they were taken through the pouring rain! (Hence why my feet are planted firmly on the doormat and all the dogs are mostly just peeking out from behind the door!) My birthday didn't go exactly as expected and turned out to be one of those days where it all just went a bit pear shaped. But looking on the bright side, tomorrow is always another day :)

I bought this top as an emergency back-up on our last trip to Cork in Jellybean. It's from Boob Design and I needed a good nursing top for our journey home as Eduardo had spat up all over another outfit I'd packed! This ended up being a great fit and a slightly different style from the others I already have. I got it in an XS and Boob's items usually fit quite large so this was much better! It also goes perfectly with these navy blue pants from Selected. My boots are the much-loved tan suede H by Hudson pair I got from ASOS


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