Packing Day

It's no secret that packing before a trip can be stressful. Throw two small children into the mix and you're basically on the road to having a nervous breakdown (okay, that's a little dramatic...but you get my drift!). I think it's fair to say that travelling with kids is no parent's idea of a good time so I'm trying to be organised and stay on top of things but it's hard! So this is my rather frazzled & thrown together look of the day where comfort was key. I am wearing my boyfriend jeans from ASOS (about 5 years ago), one of the new v-neck Velvet tees I got from Tessuti last week, a blue cardigan from Soaked in Luxury (a few years ago) H by Hudson boots and a soft navy blue scarf which was a gift. I didn't have time to style my hair after washing it so it's a mess but this is the natural texture of my hair for those who always ask! It's neither straight, nor curly...just kind of wavy/somewhere in the middle!

I'm going to cut this blog post short as I've actually done two today (stay tuned!) as well as uploaded a video (okay, okay Jonathan did that part for me...but I am knee deep in lists, snotty tissues and piles of clothes!). But all that aside, I am SO excited to meet some of you in Dublin this Sunday! I am really looking forward to what I hope to be a great time and getting to hug each & everyone of you! 


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