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All photos courtesy of Chris Brock Photography

I was saving these photos for a rainy day...literally! This morning it was torrential raining during the usual time that I take pictures (Eduardo's morning nap) so I decided to scrap that idea and give you guys an alternative I'd been hiding up my sleeve instead! Here is a sneak peek of one of the shots from our calendar shoot - this isn't the full picture as we shot the whole family in different parts but this is Emilia's & my little part! 

We're supposed to be having a girly day out shopping (with Bianca in tow!) and the pictures were conveniently taken in my regular outfit of the day spot outside our front door. Not that anybody actually goes shopping outside their front door but...well, this was what we had to work with! I just sort of threw this outfit together as I had planned on wearing something else that didn't work out. So I am wearing my GAP 1969 Always Skinny Jeans, black Whistles wedge boots, grey oversized GAP tee, H&M leather jacket and Gucci sunnies. Emilia wore her pink coat we got her in a little baby boutique in Sorrento, dark pink leggings from Zara, UGG boots and her cute little toddler sunnies.

As you can tell Emilia was going all out with her poses...everybody was in stitches and I was trying so hard not to laugh as we were both supposed to pout and look kind of snobby but I couldn't stop smirking! I'm useless at this modelling thing, ha ha ha! I also love how many dogs featured in this shot, whether they intended to or not! I'm so excited to share the finished calendar with you guys! The pictures look amazing - our photographer Chris Brock is so talented.

Happy Friday & have a lovely weekend! 



  1. cute pictures anna emilia isa poser xxx

  2. Emilia was hilarious in this pictures!! Soo cute :)
    Bj S

  3. Lovely photos :) So cute! I love Emilia's coat. xx

  4. emilia wanna be like er mommy
    is so pretty

  5. i love your blog Anna! Thank you so much for all your tips and tricks. I would love to meet you one day


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