Beauty Tuesday: Christmas Nails! (Blogmas Day 23)

After a hectic few weeks, I finally got the chance to paint my seems even something so simple has become a mammoth task these days! And my nails have gone from being really weak & splitting (during and after pregnancy) to super strong (about 6 months postpartum) to weak & brittle again! I don't know what's going on with me...whether it's breastfeeding, hormones or a combination of both. So as a result of that my nails are now short. I kept it simple this Christmas with classic red, in one of my all-time favourites for autumn/winter - Zoya's Asia but threw in a little sparkle with Barry M's Nail Effect Foil in Gold. The base coat I'm using is Sally Hanson Diamond Strength and topcoat is Barry M's Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! I'm finally completely set for Christmas as all of my wrapping paper, ribbon & other supplies arrived today so I am really looking forward to wrapping up a storm tomorrow night! (No, I'm not being sarcastic...I really love wrapping presents!) We also baked almond-filled Christmas cupcakes with white chocolate frosting...OMG!!!! Talk about decadent. I could eat 500 but unfortunately the recipe only bakes 24 ;) I will share the recipe on Sunday if you are interested!



  1. Love these polishes! Your new blog layout is gorgeous :)

  2. Love your warm and cozy photos. So inviting. Just one reason why your blog is my absolute favorite! 💕

  3. So sad that crimbo is over :( I loved your tree it's great you've found a use for the wood tho!

  4. The polishes look amazing! Unfortunately I'm terrible at painting my nails, so they usually just stay naked. Is that the right word for your nails? I don't know, haha. The cupcakes sound incredible!

  5. Hi Anna,
    I am inspired by your blog.
    Please may you check out my blog (its terrible at the moment but oh well)
    I am doing Blogmas this year aswell.
    Love From Millie xx


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