Beauty Tuesday: My Skincare Routine (Blogmas Day 9)

I've been asked a lot recently about my skincare routine as I think I've mentioned that I changed a lot of the products in my regimen. The reason for this drastic change was a big breakout I had when Eduardo moved out of our bedroom & up to his own room. I stopped breastfeeding so much during the night, and my hormones went crazy. I got the worst cystic acne on my face, more specifically around my chin & forehead. I knew I needed a change so I upped my skincare game! Enter my skin saviour...who goes by the name of Caroline Hirons. If you haven't checked out her blog & YouTube channel yet, you're missing out. She is amazing, and not only when it comes to skincare. (Anyone who can change Eduardo's nappy in record time is a hero in my book.) I was fortunate enough to get some of Caroline's highly-respected advice and have added a few key products to my routine that I believe have since made the world of difference to my skin.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

I use this first thing in the morning to cleanse my face. It smells SO GOOD and is the kind of product that makes your skin feel amazing afterwards. A white facecloth is included with purchase which has a soft flannel side as well as a muslin side. I use the soft side to wipe off my face after cleansing which ensures I get everything off.

FAB Facial Radiance Pads

I follow up by wiping one of these over my entire face which acts as a light exfoliant and also tones my skin. I call these my "posh face wipes". They always makes my face feel tighter (not in a bad way, in a "sealing my pores" kind of way!), refreshed and squeaky clean. I use these morning & night after cleansing.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronised Complex

I know I've talked about this eye cream before...I've gone through a few of them, in fact this is a travel size version I got free with another purchase. I love how silky soft this feels on my skin. 

Kiehl's Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream

I love this moisturiser because it's anti-ageing without being greasy, oily or heavy on my skin. Because I can get oily in some areas it's important to me that my moisturiser doesn't clog my pores or feel like it's sitting on my skin like a mask. This is light & also smells lovely! I use it morning & night. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This product has been recommended to me by so many friends! I apply it at night, before my moisturiser and it truly makes your skin look & feel wonderful the morning after. You wake up with that well-rested, plump looking skin even if you've been up half the night blogging or dealing with crying/teething babies!!

Clinique Take the Day Off

This is another cleansing balm that I now use in the evenings to take my makeup off. I sometimes use it twice over, followed by a warm flannel to ensure that I've got everything off my face. This doesn't feel as luxurious as the Emma Hardie cleansing balm but it does the job of scrubbing all the makeup & grime from the day off! 

I am the last person in the world to claim to have perfect fact, it's far from perfect. Someday I would love to be able to wear no makeup & not have to worry about spots, dark circles, acne or pigmentation. But to be honest I don't see that happening anytime soon. In the meantime I'm happy to use makeup to help me feel more confident about my skin, and that's fine too! But at least if I drink my water and keep up a good skincare routine with quality products, I know I am doing the best for it. Everybody's skin is different, so I hope you don't take this post as a strict regimen that you should also follow. This is just what works for me at the moment. I may change or switch items here or there and tweak it to suit my skin at that particular time. When I find things I like or would recommend, I always try my best to share so that is my intention with this post & I hope you'll take it for what it is! :) 

Thank you as always for reading and for all of your lovely comments & questions! I hope you're enjoying Blogmas. Love you guys!



  1. Hiya from a tiny island called Bahrain, a huge fan, God bless your adorable family. By the way i also am complaining from hormonal acne, they are simply the worst, but wanted to ask you, have you ever tried maybe changing your foundation? Because i tried that and just use light foundation or BB creams, it has helped my skin big time (it surely isnt full coverage but wont clog my large pores so badly).
    Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. ''I'm happy to use makeup to help me feel more confident about my skin'' I feel exactly like you and i'm only 18 haha. I want to say that i admire you and i really like your videos and posts. I think Eduardo is the most adorable baby boy in the world and Emilia is so smart (Her name is like the mine, my name is Emily <3) and she is so beautiful. Well, sorry for mi english but i'm from Chile and i speak spanish! You are brilliant Anna and adore you :) HAPPY NEW YEAR AND BIG HUGS FROM LATIN AMERICA or where Chile is... THE END OF THE WORLD <3

  3. As others have commented we love that your so honest about your skin and how you want to use it :)

  4. I love this blog I read it almost every day Anna is so gorgeous and so real in her blogs

  5. Hey Anna,
    I have never commented on any of your posts but I really enjoy the helpful beauty product tips and tricks. I have been wanting to get a new facial cleanser, and I had never heard of a balm until I read your post. Do you recommend the Emma Hardie or Clinique instead? Before I were to purchase it because I know it is more expensive, I wanted to know if you still use it or like how it has worked on your skin, has it been good for acne? I would love to hear back from you and I really respect your opinion on beauty products! Thanks!


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