Style Saturday: Oh, Christmas Tree (Blogmas Day 6)

I really wanted to show you my wreath in this outfit post, hence my oddly angled photos but it looks lovely and festive (or at least I think so!). Today I'm wearing a plum nursing top from Boob Design, tan skinnies by Selected, H by Hudson boots and this pretty three-toned scarf from Zara (about 4 years ago). And in case you're wondering, yes I am absolutely freezing outside without a coat on!

This week we picked our lovely tree from a local garden centre and decorated the house for Christmas so I'm feeling very excited about it now and can't wait to show you all a little tour of our house! We actually decided to do two trees this year...we had a little fake one from our calendar shoot which was put together by a set designer so we left it in our sitting room purely because we didn't see the point in taking it down being that December was right around the corner. So we've had that for quite a while now but as I said it wasn't decorated by us so it doesn't have much meaning nor is it personal to our family. Then we bought a big real tree (our main one) for the hallway because we have a rather large hall with a high ceiling and lots of light. I decorated this one in a gold & white theme (my favourite!) and it's all very fancy & pretty. But we have a box of personal decorations as well as some picture ones of the children that my mom sent me and even a few home-made decorations that Emilia did. So I'm going to take down all the set ones from the fake tree in our sitting room and decorate that with our own, so that we can have a fancy tree and a kids' one. 

I still haven't really decided if I'll keep the fake tree or buy another (small) real one for the sitting room too. I love a real Christmas tree! We always had real ones growing up and even before having children when it was just Jonathan & me but two years ago I decided on a fake one because I thought it would shed less and also keep the dogs from peeing on it. (Even though it was just Albi who used to mark but since he's been fixed he doesn't do that anymore.) The first year it was fine and we liked it although that whole "fake trees don't shed" malarkey is a total lie because I soon found out that plastic pine needles shed just as much if not more than real ones!! But all that aside we were happy with it. Then the second year rolled around and we found when we put the tree up and decorated we were completely underwhelmed. I can't quite explain it, but nothing beats the smell & the Christmassy feeling you get when you put up a real tree! So ever since last year our minds have been made up! What do you guys think?! Real or fake? And what are your reasons for picking one or the other?


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