What I Ate Wednesday {17.12.14} (Blogmas Day 17)


Our day started out at the Grove Hotel, where we stayed last night after the Christmas party I wrote about in yesterday's post. This was what I decided on for breakfast! I actually thought this was just regular porridge...turned out it was some kind of yoghurt-based lemon-y thing! It was nice, but very filling so I didn't finish all of it but I did top it off with some fresh berries which were delicious! I also had a black coffee & tried to drink my water!


We drove home around 12pm and arrived back about 1:30. By then I was starving so I grabbed a quick snack while waiting for my bagel to toast! I realise these What I Ate posts make it seem like all I eat are apples & yoghurts...well yes, I do like apples a lot but I'm also enjoying mandarins, grapes, kiwis and mangoes at the moment! And I am loving these Greek style Muller Light yoghurts - especially the strawberry flavour! 



'Lo and behold, another bagel! This time it's turkey and cheese (feeling Christmassy) with black pepper and I also grabbed a few cherry tomatoes & slices of cucumber which are not pictured. I had a sneaky coffee afterwards too, all while trying very hard to keep drinking my water. (As this was sort of a travel day, we are not doing very well with that!)


We were absolutely shattered this evening & the kids didn't have a proper nap so they went to bed early. We prepared a quick veggie pasta dish for them and just ate some Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizzas we had in the freezer ourselves. My choice is the "Pollo" one which is topped with chicken, spinach, sweetcorn and sour cream. When listed altogether like this, it sounds kind of weird but it's actually really good! I ate about 3/4. 


For dessert I had this gingerbread village I found in the main reception of the Grove Hotel.

...HA HA HA! I wish!!! But seriously, how cool is this?! I am not joking when I say this was completely made out of edible sweets...even the gravel you see around the pond was made up of what looked like mini Smarties. The surrounding wall is made from marshmallows and there are lollipop trees all around the village. I badly wanted to take a bite out of one of the houses...but I was good and instead got inspired for my own baking project:

This evening I whipped up some gingerbread cupcakes with a lemon cream cheese frosting. They are SO delicious and all the spices in these make them super festive! I could have eaten 5 more but I stopped myself (just about). I also had another black coffee.

All day I have been trying to drink my water but probably ended up only getting in about 1litre. I will share the cupcake recipe on Sunday! 


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