What I Ate Wednesday {3.12.14} (Blogmas Day 3)


Long time no see, eh?! SO many of you requested that I bring back What I Ate Wednesday so here it is! This is what I ate today, on a regular day at home. Breakfast as you can see hasn't changed AT ALL, so no surprises there. Here we have Oat So Simple porridge oats (the Original Quick Oats) in the "Big Bowl" size because I like a lot of oats and this portion fills me up better than the other ones! I make it with almond milk and throw in some organic almonds, blueberries and cinnamon for flavour. Next to that I have my coffee (black) which is the Fortissio Lungo capsule from Nespresso. This is my favourite one - it's in the wrong cup though because SOMEBODY (cough *Jonathan* cough) forgot to turn on the dishwasher last night...ahem. 


We went out to get our Christmas tree this morning and didn't get back till quite late. I was starving watching our lunch being made so had a small snack to tie me over! I ate an apple  (these are organic jazz apples) & one of these Muller Light Fruitopolis yoghurts in strawberry flavour. Jonathan & I are really into these lately (even though I KNOW they're probably full of artificial sweeteners and flavours, blah blah blah...but hey, they taste good!). He likes the cherry ones best & you can also get them in mango. 


Finally it was time for lunch and I had a ham & cheese bagel toastie. We use mature cheddar cheese, apple smoked ham & some Nando's spice for flavour. (I'm not sure which one...sorry! But it's not that spicy.) These bagels are the multiseed onion ones we get from our Morisson's bakery section. They are so good! Usually I have some veggies like tomatoes & cucumber with this but we were out of everything as our weekly shop is due tomorrow.

Coffee Break

After lunch it was nap-time and that means coffee for mama! I have limited myself to three cups a day at the moment...I always look forward to this one the most though because I can relax and have it on my own in peace & quiet when the babies are asleep & I'm in the sitting room with no-one else around me except the doggies :)


Dinner tonight was nothing special...we just sort of used what we had left over. This is penne with cherry tomato & parmesan sauce made with chicken & peppers. I'm going to be completely honest and say that I normally hate chicken with any kind of pasta . I just think it's weird to me...although I remember my dad (who was Italian) went through a phase at one point where he experimented with this recipe called "penne Genovese" and it involved chicken on the bone with penne pasta and I absolutely HATED it. I thought it was so gross! And my dad was a good cook! It was the only thing he ever made that I thought was awful. But Jonathan is a meat & potatoes man, and I'm a pasta girl...so this meal is what we in our household call a compromise. If he can forgive me cooking pasta four-five days a week then I can handle some chicken...ha ha ha! Plus the children loved it (even Emilia) so that's a success in my book!


I save my last coffee of the day for evening time but I make a weaker Nespresso capsule called "Linizio Lungo". I had this black with some cookie nut crunch chocolate...UGH. This stuff is amazing. It's one of those Marvellous Creations by Cadbury's and so far it's my favourite one. The only other two I've tried are the banana crisp (*shudders*) and a jelly bean one but they're both far too creepy for my liking. This one is yummy as it's got little bits of biscuit inside the chocolate. Teamed with a coffee it's treat-time perfection!

Those were my eats for today. I also drank two litres of water (hence why this blog post has taken me so long to write - I've had to stop 598435 times to pee) and that's about it! I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!


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