What I Ate Wednesday {21.1.15}

Today's breakfast was a bit of a disaster as we hadn't gone food shopping since getting home from Ireland on Sunday so this morning we were down to our last drop of milk & our fridge was empty! We were due to get our Ocado delivery at 9am but the van broke down (of course it did...the one time we were all starving!) so I didn't eat breakfast until about 11am. Either way, it was the same as normal! Regular porridge oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries & cinnamon. I also had a cup of coffee but that was earlier at about 9! 

While the children were having their lunch I ate a quick snack. I had an apple with a peach & passionfruit Fruitopolis yoghurt. 

Surprise, surprise...a bagel! I can't help myself - I look forward to a good ham & cheese bagel for lunch (almost) everyday! These New York Bakery Co. Limited Edition Seeded bagels are the best. The only downside is that you only get 4 in a pack instead of the usual 5. Another favourite of mine is the red onion & chive flavour...yum! We use really mature cheddar cheese, apple smoked ham and black & red pepper. Add some cherry tomatoes & cucumber slices and that's my favourite lunch!

Afternoon Coffee
I probably wouldn't make it through the day without this coffee...the perfect reward for getting both children down for their afternoon nap! Ha ha ha! 

A friend of ours brought us this homemade Indian curry yesterday and I have no idea what it's called or how it was made but it was absolutely delicious! This was a lot spicier than what we're used to but we love spicy food so I was up for the challenge! It's made with chicken mince and that's a potato sitting on top! It also had onions in it. That's all I know! I put it with some brown rice and tasted a bit like a really spicy Indian chilli...so good. Plus it made me down a lot of water which is always a bonus!

Lately I've been obsessed with these Joe & Seph's gourmet/posh popcorns...they come in a variety of different cool flavours and are totally decadent! This one is caramel & sea salt which satisfies both sweet & salty cravings in one go! I enjoyed this with a decaf coffee. 

To drink I had 2L of water (yay!) and that's about it! What did you eat today?!


  1. These are my favourite posts to read since they give you an insight into what people eat! I also post daily eats on my blog too. Thanks for sharing Anna!


  2. These "what I ate wednesday" posts inspire me so much! I wich I could find these kind of bagels here in brazil, but they are so small in here, don't think it would be enough to have only the bagel for lunch...
    Those popcorns look so yummi!!
    Love you Anna!!

    1. Our bagels here in the USA are so huge, they are the equivalent of 4 or 5 slices of bread,
      I usually have a half of one for my breakfast with some cream cheese.

  3. What a morning with the truck! We actually haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping yet, so I can understand the hunger and uncertainty of breakfast (doesn't that sound a bit dramatic, hahah!). I don't have the added challenge of two hungry children, though.. Every time you do a WIAW I always dream of getting a Nespresso (I think that's what I see in the daily vlogs?). Alas, it is not nearly as easy to attain in my part of the US so I'll keep dreaming for now.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  4. I hope you aren't tired of my comments but love reading your blog post. Food looks so yummy and the quality of the pictures are perfect! Since I am a huge pop corn lover, I couldn't stop staring at the ones in the bowl! Thanks so much for sharing your blog with us!!! <3

  5. aah reading through this post has made me insanely hungry! the curry, toastie and popcorn look amazing!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  6. all looks delicious anna!

  7. Why did I click on this when I'm feeling so hungry?!
    That popcorn sounds so yummy - I've never heard of that flavour before! Neeed to try it!!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // YouTube

  8. I love reading your 'What I ate Wednesday' posts, they always make me wish I wasn't so fussy with food!

  9. Hi Anna! As always everything looks delicious.. especially the popcorn, I love anything with a dash of sea salt on it! By the way, after practically drooling at every bagel toastie Jonathan makes you guys, I finally made some for myself! My boyfriend and I love them...I've been making them on everything bagels with honey baked ham and cheese with pepper inside. So good, I can see why you have them all the time! Love from Michigan :)

    ~Richelle, Richelleloveslife.com

  10. I really enjoy your food posts, it's fun seeing what you eat throughout your day, you balance your food out nicely. I just started blogging my very first pregnancy and I'm really enjoying it!


  11. That all looks so delicious but I'm so fussy!! I need to try new things I think.


  12. Can't wait to see you start to cook more in the vlogs if you get back into it !

  13. Always yummi your food Blog. I started with coffee with milk. At work I ate my homemade overnight oats. In apple Juice with joghurt and on top some grapes. Lunch was brokkoli salad. After work quick stop at mc donalds and had 6 chicken nuggets and chocolate milkshake. Dinner was 2 pieces ham and peperoni pizza. A d i am a disaster in drinking. Wasn't enough. So waiting for your next blog/video. Xoxo. Ps. Is eduardo feeling better?

  14. Today i ate school lunch food :( then i came home and ate fried rice :D

    Come checkout my blog :))

  15. Good for you! I am trying to drink more water as well, it's a tough habit to get into unless I keep a bottle of water handy. You bagel sandwich looks delicious by the way!


  16. I want one of those bagels right now, you make it sound so delicious! And that popcorn looks and sounds incredible. Your 'What I Ate' posts always make me hungry! :) Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

  17. Loving these posts.
    The food looks lush.
    Totally interesting to see the difference of food choices in the UK as opposed to here in America.
    Big fan!

  18. I love these post's. You look amazing Anna and you still let yourself indulge! Thank you for the inspiration.
    Angie xo

  19. That popcorn is the best thing ever! Xx


  20. I don't know what it is about sweet and salty popcorn, but it's just incredible!!!

  21. That mug looks so cute. And I've never ate that kind of popcorn. Looks pretty delicious.


  22. I have the sane bowl where you put the popcorn! Ha ha

  23. hmm looks delicious !


  24. Your bagel pictures always make me hungry!

  25. I had a bagel for lunch too, but mine was a lot less healthy; it was one of those cinnamon and raisin ones and I filled it with pecan and maple peanut butter, haha.
    I need to hunt down a bag of that popcorn. I love popcorn way too much and this one sounds amazing.

    Kezia-Eloise | inkstainedjodhpurs.blogspot.com

  26. I can't go without my oats every single morning. Ran late today so I put it in a little Tupperware bowl and ate it in class.


  27. That bagels look so yummy! My favorite lunch these days is a bun or bagels with hummus and rucola (rocket)! I've been eating it for a week consistently every day now haha!

    X The Beauty Suitcase

  28. Your pictures always make me so hungry. I'm trying to cook for myself more, as living at home right now means I have all my meals cooked for me (blessed, I know), but I will be moving out on my own and your WIAW help me to motivate myself!


  29. These were all such lovely meals and I would love to eat bagels everyday I pretty much have garlic bread everyday.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  30. My sister could love that princess mug! Yummy! I've always wanted to try curry, but I'm also afraid.

  31. These pictures made me feel soo hungry, love your blog! xxxxxx


  32. I love the new blog layout Anna! So you! Simple, subtle and stylish! :D

    Love Paige xxx

  33. I love these kinds of posts! am seriously thinking about doing a food diary on my blog as well :)
    Porridge is the perfect go to breakfast

    I posted a new article on my blog today, I would highly appreciate your opinion on it :) its about motivation and nutrition


  34. Mmm the popcorn sounds yummy! I had this lovely winter quinoa salad with pomegranates, avocado and parsley - so tasty!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  35. When I first moved to London from Greece (4 months ago) I saw one of your videos describing what you 're eating for breakfast and since then it's the only thing I eat each and every morning a porridge w/ blueberries, 1/2 banana, greek honey and cinnamon which I adore! Generally since I moved here you are my company or better my friendliest friends :). I watch your videos every morning while I have my porridge, it's the "me time" of my day! Love and kisses to your lovely kids.

  36. You always eat such healthy stuff hah shame I don't xox


  37. Got Iv just had my dinner and your post has made me hungry!
    Love it
    Martina xx


  38. I know your breakfast is usually the same thing but the pictures you take of it never fail to make me want to eat it!
    :) Alice

  39. That bagel looks yummy!!
    Indian food might be very spicy, but I bet it was delicious. I like spicy foods, especially thai food!
    Thanks for sharing x


  40. I love popcorn - the food looks amazing as always.

    Lizzie Dripping

  41. Your food always looks amazing. When I make it, it looks like a hot mess lol


  42. Oh, popcorn looks and sounds amazing wonder if you can get it in cork?! Nice post Anna thanks ��

  43. Do you have any videos on how you make your breakfast and begal lunches? They look so delicious.


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