Stocking Fillers Under £15 (Kids Edition)

Here are my stocking filler ideas for kids aged 2-4! All of these are under £15 (actually they're under £10 but in the video for some reason I thought some were more!) and I did two options, one for girls and one for boys. I will probably pick up a few more things in the run up to Christmas (mostly chocolate I imagine!) but hopefully this will help those of you who are stuck for ideas! I also have to keep everything quite similar as Emilia & Eduardo will fight over ANYTHING that isn't almost exactly the same. Here's a list of the stocking fillers I found!

For Girls

Paw Patrol Pups Away Bath Crayons & Washmitt £5.25

Playmobil Princess Viola with Horse £8.99

Disney Princess Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure £5.99

TY Beanie Boos Rocco £6.00

Unicorn Pencil £1.99

Disney Frozen Bubbles £0.60

Shopkins Sticker Sheets £1.49

Kinder Surprise Santa 75g £2.00

For Boys

Paw Patrol 3D Marshall Sponge & Bath Shower Set £6.99

Playmobil Pirates Captain £4.99

Frozen Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure £6

TY Beanie Boos Slick £7.99

Green Dragon Pencil £1.99

Disney Frozen Bubbles £0.60

Peppa Pig George in Space Stickers £1.25

Kinder Surprise Santa 75g £2.00

Let me know what your favourite stocking filler ideas are for kids! Or what do you remember getting when you were little?


  1. I used to get (and still do!) chocolate coins every year in my stocking �� Love you ❤️

  2. That's was soo helpful I didn't have a clue what to get my little boy for his stocking but got some good ideas now thanks .. :D

  3. Stockings are such a novel concept to me! My family and I (we're Australian if that makes any difference) have never had stockings so it's always interesting to see videos like this one. Do adults get them too? xxx

  4. So cute! I love the idea of including chocolate!! Yum!


    Here's a great idea for grownups if you are interested...


  5. Awesome ideas as always, Anna! Loved your last gift guide as well!

  6. I just create my kids stocking, thank you for your ideas. Love you ��������

  7. Thank you thank you!! I was stuck on what to get my kids but you have saved the day :) :) ps I think you're wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  8. Thanks so much!! Has given me some really good ideas for my daughters stockings (my eldest is nearly three and my youngest is 10 months old)! Thank you!!


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