What I Ate Wednesday {17.1.17}

Lately I've been getting the dreaded pregnancy symptom that gave me hell last time...constipation!! :( (If that's TMI for you, then you probably shouldn't be reading this blog - haha!) But this pregnancy it hasn't been as awful so far and I'm doing everything I can to treat it/prevent it as naturally as possible. So I have been adding in this morning "digestion tonic" if you will and it really does help! It's just hot water mixed with a bit of cold (so I can drink it straight away) with half a lemon squeezed in. That's it! Drink on an empty stomach and it will honestly be your life-saver ;)

Jonathan, Eduardo and I went to Bill's for breakfast after dropping Emilia off at school. This has become our little morning tradition whenever Eduardo isn't at nursery or we're not busy with something else and he loves it! I ordered the porridge with soy milk, banana, hazelnuts and honey. I also got a black coffee and drank a bottle of water. 

I wasn't hungry again until lunch as that breakfast really filled me up! I had a big tuna salad with boiled eggs, red onion, tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce, avocado and olive oil with a bottle of water. This salad is so delicious, I had it twice last week! I love the combination of egg and tuna...yum. 

Later that afternoon I had a black coffee (to keep myself awake!) some melon slices and a medjool date. Bit of a random snack I know...but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat and ended up grabbing stuff from the fridge without really thinking about it!

We usually eat dinner around 6 o'clock but I was still cooking and getting hungry again. What I've found in the third trimester is that I'm constantly hungry if I'm not suffering with heartburn! So I had another quick snack of a banana and spoon of peanut butter. 

For dinner I made beef steaks (done in a sandwich press/grill by Cuisinart which is honestly my favourite kitchen appliance I've ever bought! It's amazing! We make everything in this.) with broccoli and I had leftover potato/parsnip mix from the night before. There was sweet potato in it but that was all gone as it's everybody's favourite! I've never been a fan of steak and wouldn't order it in a restaurant but these actually turned out really good! And Jonathan was super happy :) To drink I had a bottle of water.

Dessert was actually pretty healthy as I had one of my vegan brownies I baked over the weekend which the kids don't like (they tell me it's because there's nuts in them...ughhh) and Jonathan isn't a fan either (boo) but I happen to think they're good! Although I would not call these brownies. They're drier and more like a banana chocolate walnut loaf cake. But I like them because they're healthy, I know all of the ingredients that are in them and they're quite rich & dense. Plus I used good quality chocolate so you know it's good :) I had one with a few raspberries as the combination is delicious, plus a peppermint licorice tea and another water! 

And that's all folks! Feel free to check out my What I Ate video above to see what we got up to yesterday!


  1. i love how much effort you put in your blog posts, anna!
    I really enjoy reading them!!! xoxo

  2. Yes! Another blogpost! That looks so yummy btw :) love you Anna!

  3. Looks so healthy and yummy. Love you beautiful Anna. Lots of hugs and kisses from Istanbul/ Turkey. Busra. ❤❤����

  4. Always look forward to all your posts, Anna! You look great! I'm wearing my Stilnest bracelet with my Gemini charm,Taurus charm (for my grandmother), Scorpios for my Dad and Capricorn for my mom! I have the necklace too! Love them❣❣

  5. Anna all of these food choices look great thanks for sharing them, and especially thanks for the lemon and water tip can't wait to read your next blog😀

  6. Not really a fan of tuna but that salad looks delicious! I might need to try that! Love that you are back to blogging :)

  7. That looks so yummy and tasty!


  8. More brownies for you then! ;) Haha. They look so delicious, I might just have to bake some this weekend. Porridge is my faavourite breakfast and I have it pretty much every morning too! ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

  9. Yes! I love these kinds of posts Anna :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  10. I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, Anna, but you look very much like Daenerys from Game of Thrones. You know Khaleesi? Your face resembles her SO much. Also, Emilia looks like a little Shirley Temple with her curls and rosy cheeks. So pretty, both of you!

  11. I miss your workout videos like the summer workout routine ones, but i understand that you're pregnant so you post the ones for pregnancy, hope later you'll keep going with those. Love you, and can't wait for the little one <3

  12. I love these posts from you Anna!! They're so great and give me some motivation to eat well :) Also that brownie looks DREAMY.
    Lucy xoxo

  13. Actually my favorite blog posts and videos! I love seeing what you eat, how you prepare your food, etc...It all looks so yummy! I can't ever read a post or watch a video without getting hungry, haha! Love you Anna, hope your having a wonderful new year!

    It's Me, Maggie | http://itsme-maggie.blogspot.com/

  14. Hi Jonathan, I watched your video "the hardest video we have ever made" and it really touched me as I have cousins that are the same age. I was thinking about it and I thought that maybe to raise money the people in your town or all over the world like your viewers could all get a piece of lego or something and plant a flower and give it to someone to spread happiness and love at this time in the world. Then the people who give or receive could donate €1 of whatever currency they use and it could help raise money and spread friendliness xx (you don't have to post this comment just wanted to share an idea) love you and your videos xx Ellen ps don't know if I posted this already I'm not really used to this commenting thing hahah

  15. That steak looks so amazing Anna!


  16. Hi Anna you inspired me to make some brownies as well I tried a recipe I found on Pinterest and they are phenomenal! You should give them a try I myself used coconut flower as I really prefer it to regular flower. Here is the link http://www.gimmesomeoven.com/vegan-brownies/comment-page-3/#comment-1453252



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