What I Ate Wednesday {24.1.17}

Sorry my blog posts are all late this week! But I'm finally getting round to posting this week's What I Ate Wednesday. That awful third trimester symptom from hell (I'm talking about constipation - sorry if that's TMI again but you know, this is real life!) seems like it's here to stay though thankfully it's not as bad as last time around & I'm dealing with it in a more natural approach...in other words, no drugs so far! Hot water with lemon in the mornings has been helping a bit, as well as the other obvious ones such as drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fibre etc. To make my lemon water all I did was fill this cup mostly with boiling water and the rest with cold, then squeeze half a lemon into it and that's it! I try to drink the whole thing before embarking on the school run. 

For breakfast we went to Carluccio's after school drop-off (just Emilia today - so Eduardo joined us!) and I got this amazing pink porridge! This was my first time eating breakfast at Carluccio's and I wasn't expecting it to be pink! So cool! It came with "woodland berries", apple and honey. I also got a black coffee & bottle of still water.  

Our breakfast was quite filling so the next time I ate was at lunch. It doesn't look very appetising unfortunately...haha sorry about that! I bought octopus & squid which comes in little tins and one of them was in a sort of vinaigrette sauce that made everything brown. But it did taste good, I promise haha! This octopus salad is totally made up of other veggies and ingredients that were in the fridge including cauliflower, red onion, sweetcorn and egg. I forgot to drink water with my meal but I did drink a bottle after I came home from bringing Emilia to swimming. 

My afternoon snack was very green-themed! It wasn't intentional but just worked out that way! I was quite hungry in the afternoon so had two kiwis, a Dove's Farm apple & sultana flapjack (these are amazing!) and some homemade kale crisps which we just baked in the oven until crispy with sea-salt. I also had a black coffee to keep myself awake! 

For dinner we had beef chilli in corn wraps with added avocado slices, kidney beans, salsa, sour cream and grated cheddar cheese on top. These were soooo delicious! Both Jonathan & I loved them and they were super filling as well. Jonathan had his without the sour cream and a little more beef. To drink I had another bottle of water. 

At the moment we are spending our evenings watching Shooter on Netflix which isn't the best show in the world but for now it fills a gap! This was my dessert/showtime treat. I was actually quite full from dinner but made a chai tea with almond milk and had a few of these Dove's Farm fruity oat biscuits (which are delicious!! Jonathan has rationed us both to four a night after I devoured the last pack in one sitting. Oops...hahaha!)

That's all for today but feel free to check out my vlog of the day, including Emilia's baby name slip! ;) 


  1. In regards to your constipation...do you want some advice/tips?

    First, I think you need to eat more fats. Fibre is all well and good, but it adds bulk and can exacerbate the problem. What you need is something to add...lubrication. Hence, the fats. If that doesn't work and you still don't want to use meds, then try Magnesium Citrate. 500mg per day, although you'll need to work up to that dose over a couple of days. Magnesium is such an incredible nutrient - ESPECIALLY in pregnancy - and most people are deficient to begin with. Seriously though....work up to that dose over a few days because too much, too soon will probably make you shit your brains out.

  2. All look so tasty!


  3. Anna this all look great, though I must admit the octopus is a little outside my comfort zone but they say don't knock it until you try it. Hope you all have a great week.

  4. I loved your video. The Carluccio's porridge looks amazing!


  5. Hello! All looks very good. For your constipation I recomand a spoon with organic honey and warm water before breakfast . Is much better for you instead of lemon juice. :D

  6. As always, LOVE What I Ate Wednesday! I'm hungry just looking at your pictures! :D <3 Love you Anna!

    It's Me, Maggie | http://itsme-maggie.blogspot.com/

  7. That porridge looks so good, maybe try Cranberry Juice to help with your digestion! 💙💙💙

  8. Why do I always watch these videos of yours when I am hungry hahaha...

    xx Lisa

  9. Lovely post! Love your blog Anna!! :-)


  10. That Emilia is a little imp! Both she and Eduardo are funny and of course cute! I like this idea of octopus salad and I'm going to make this for dinner for my husband and me...Thank you for posting and vlogging so much when you are getting close to baby time!I actually ration your vlogs and posts - I use them as rewards for getting tasks completed...

  11. Hey Ana, lovely post as always. I was wondering is it a British or Irish thing to say "Bring Emilia swimming" as opposed to "Take Emilia swimming" ? (this is not a diss btw, Im genuinely interested :) )

  12. If you re looking for a good show to watch I suggest you Taboo with Tom Hardy. So far so good !

  13. Tasty! ♥
    Now I'm hungry :D


  14. Oh gosh ! I wrote you a long comment but seems like it's gone :( but thank you so much for sharing wonderful videos !! I love you so much ! You are such a beautiful person inside and out !!


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