Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day

This week I thought I'd take you for a walk down memory lane and I rooted out some OLD Valentine's Day videos that I made for my channel back in 2011 and 2012 (pre kids!). These gave me a good laugh to watch back and hopefully you'll be as entertained as I was!

Valentine's Day Makeup
The first one I filmed was Valentine's Day makeup tutorial in 2011. This is pretty bad...well, the eye makeup is okay. But can someone say EYEBROWS?? And the frosty lip colour...nooooo! Hahaha but I'm sure I thought it looked good at the time and that's all that matters, right?!

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas
This video is pretty cute actually - I show you three Valentine's outfit ideas all featuring a red and black theme. I thought this was sweet, especially since February is always freezing cold in Ireland/England and you can tell I tried to keep that in mind with the tights and layering...hahaha! I also can't believe I was that tiny!!

Vegan Valentine's Cupcakes
I clearly was on a roll in 2011 because it seems these Valentine's videos were a three part series! Now I'm lucky if any themed videos go up ever! This recipe was a bit of a fact, remembering back to it I'm pretty sure it was a complete disaster! Hahaha! Vegan baking just never seems to go right for me! Also I'm wondering why on earth this was filmed so late at night as it's pitch black outside?!

Red Velvet Valentine's Cupcakes
Fast forward to 2012 when I was pregnant with Emilia and clearly ditched the vegan baking idea! Another midnight cooking session it seems (once again...why?!) and this time they seem to have turned out okay but unfortunately for me the icing looks like a beige-y brown runny slime. Hahaha...oh dear! I hadn't realised how far I've come with my cupcake baking skills! Not that I'm a pro or anything know. These all look quite terrible! 

Valentine's Day Vlog 2011
And finally here are some Valentine's Day SacconeJolys vlogs! Fun and little known fact about this oldest one from 2011 which I hardly feature in AT that Jonathan and I had a massive fight this day! Hahaha! I got him a card and chocolate and he completely forgot to get me anything. We both still remember it and laugh about it now, but that's the reason why we got pizza and didn't bother going out or doing anything special. It seems those outfit/makeup videos were all in vain!!

Valentine's Day Vlog 2012
I think this vlog makes me laugh the most because it's clear that Jonathan learned his lesson from the previous year as he actually remembered to get me flowers this time! And good thing he did because I was pregnant (though early on) with Emilia!

Valentine's Day Vlog 2013
Our first Valentine's Day with Emilia, and how things have changed! I got upgraded to flowers, a card AND pancakes too! Also my hair was so short! 

Valentine's Day Vlog 2014
Life got a lot busier in 2014...Emilia was a toddler and I was heavily pregnant with Eduardo! We were in Dublin for Jonathan's birthday and visiting family. Not a lot of time for romantic stuff as we were obviously very much in baby mode! But I think this was one of the most fulfilled/happiest I've felt on V-day!

Valentine's Day Vlog 2015
We had moved to the UK in this one so a different house and new setting. I find it funny that as life progresses with two small kids, these Valentine's Day videos become less and less Valentine-sy! This vlog had little to no mention of it at all and was more about the fact that I had gone with a friend to get her a new puppy! 

Valentine's Day Vlog 2016
Last year's vlog was quite a sad one in that we were leaving Ireland after our visit there for Jonathan's birthday and the kids never like saying goodbye to my mum :( Again there's hardly any mention of V-day but as date nights are normally limited to once a week we had used up that token on Jonathan's birthday which is the day before! However my hubby is a smart guy and remembered to get me a Valentine's card...hahaha!

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! I think it's always fun & interesting to look back on the last few years to see how much has changed and how we've grown as people! Enjoy the videos and hope your Valentine's Day is extra special this year :)


  1. Aww I love all these throw backs! It's so nice to see how beautifully you have all grown! :) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  2. Just watched Bianca's song and I love it and then you gave me a list of old videos to watch, could this evening get any better!

  3. I love Anna's blog. Throwbacks are my favourite

  4. Aww I've just sat and watched all of these videos, how adorable! I've watched Saccone-Joly's for years now so this really takes me back x

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. I remember some of these videos! You've always been such an amazing person Anna!

  6. omg I loved it!!!!! So Good.
    You're beautiful. Love. InΓͺs.

  7. This is so special!!! I can not wait to watch all the videos. I really love the baking videos you make!!
    Happy V-day Anna ❤

  8. I love that you put so much detail into this post! πŸ’– I joined in April/May 2014 and I definitely watched the outfit video and the cupcake videos back then haha πŸ˜„ You always make me happy! :)
    I hope you're doing well and have a wonderful rest of the week 😊
    Lots of love Jasmin xx

  9. Crazy what can change in a year! I can't wait for Valentine's Day - hope Jonathan remembers to get you a card at the very least! ;)

    It's Me, Maggie |

  10. This is such a great post! Love this trip down memory lane! I hope you're feeling well!

  11. Hi Anna, i have to say I'm new to your blog and this is the first blog post I've read off your and i thought it was so funny I have been watching all of the sacconejolys channels for a wile now and I love them! i live in new zealand and I'm 11 years of age and one of my biggest dreams is to be mentioned in one of the vlogs. love you guys from Georgiexxx

  12. Lovely videos. On another topic. I remember how Eduardo was once bitten at a party or something, and you guys mentioned something on the blogs. I have a 1.5yr old who is in the biting/pinching/pulling hair stage. I absolutely hate it it especially since we dont do that at home. He literally pulled hair out of a boys head the other day while they were playing and I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. If I was the other mom I would've gone Off but she was so lovely about it (obviously upset but understanding).
    So my question is, did Eduardo ever go through this phase? If he did do you have any solutions? I've been telling him NO, removing him from the situation, etc, but I see he also picks it up from kids at nursery and the teachers say it is just a phase the kids go through but I am literally too scared to go on play dates with him. He is such a lovely child so I dont understand why he does it :(. If you ever have time to do a video on kids behavior and disciplining that would be really much appreciated. (You dont have to show this comment - just wanted to message you)

  13. Anna thanks for the walk down memory lane it was great to see all the different vlogs. Also wanted to say you are my workout inspiration even though I'm not pregnant I still love your workouts always have hope you all have a great time on your road trip you all deserve it.

  14. Wow, what a change! You look so different now, so beautiful as a mother and a strong woman!! Love your style now

  15. What a great idea! Loved watching through the years! Whenever Emilia and your mum say good bye it's always so sad.


  16. Sorry, also...I love your shorter hair. What a nice haircut that was.


  17. "Vegan baking just never seems to go right for me!".You are so funny.Love you and your family <3

  18. "Vegan baking just never seems to go right for me!".You are so funny.Love you and your family <3

  19. Awwww, I love all the memorys, such a throw back.

  20. Awwww, I love all the memorys, such a throw back.

  21. Hehe very cute Anna! You are amazing.


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