What I Ate Wednesday {31.1.17}

Breakfast this morning was plain yoghurt with fresh blueberries under my favourite granola. This is the Nature's Path Nice & Nobbly organic granola with berries and yoghurt chunks & it is so yummy! I also had my usual coffee (black) and bottle of water. 

We had a doctor's appointment in London so afterwards we went for lunch in The Natural Kitchen. I ordered the "Antioxi" smoothie which has banana and mixed berries in it (really delicious) along with a bottle of still water. 

I also got the halloumi cheese salad with quinoa, baby spinach, red peppers and broccoli. This was good but not the best salad I've ever had. I'm not sure if I like halloumi this way - I'm used to having it grilled and a bit less tough! 

After we got home, I made myself another black coffee and my favourite snack: a Pink Lady apple and some peanut butter! I'm really loving almond and peanut butter lately...I don't know why but I can't get seem to get enough of it! I also had another bottle of water.

We had prawn curry with rice for dinner which is one of our family's go-to's as everybody loves it. The curry is made with coconut cream, leeks, onions, red peppers and curry powder and the rice is risotto/arborio rice with frozen mixed veggies thrown in (sweetcorn, carrots, peas). With this I also had another bottle of water...I was SO thirsty! 

I was so tired I ended up falling asleep at around 7:30pm after putting the kids to bed...oops! I did wake up and take a shower though, got into my pyjamas & watched Homeland with Jonathan! I also made myself a chai tea latte with almond milk and had two of these Biona blueberry cookies. These are quite big and more like 4 biscuits as they're sort of like two sandwiched together with blueberry jam. Yum! I drank another bottle of water too which comes to five bottles today! I'm not usually that good with water but I think at this stage of pregnancy my body is craving more!

If you'd like to watch my vlog of the day where I talk about getting teary at our baby scan (I was so emotional!), you can catch up on that here!


  1. Hello Anna :)
    Every time I see your What I Ate Wednesdays I get extremely hungry! haha. Also that granola looks so yummy! I wish they had it in my country!
    You, btw, did inspire me to eat more healthy food and drink more water. Thank you for that! I wish you all the best :* :)

  2. Anna once again this all looks delicious great job with the water as someone who doesn't drink water this is something I'm working on thanks for always posting great blogs.

  3. Hi Anna! I'd love to see a collective list of your favorite snacks in a post or on a video. How much coconut cream and curry powder do you use? That prawn curry looks amazing and I want to try it.

  4. Is it really black coffee? It looks like there's creamer in it:p anyway the smoothie looks amazing!

  5. Everything looks so good, as always! Also, that salad looks super yummy! Shame it wasn't very good...I wonder what Emma Thompson thought of it... ;)

    It's Me, Maggie | http://itsme-maggie.blogspot.com/

  6. You're so healthy! I definitely need to eat a bit better and your posts are great inspiration :P
    Lucy xoxo

  7. i would love to see some recipe videos or blog posts of your favorite go-to dishes to cook!

  8. Hi Anna!
    I would really like to know where you get your recipe inspiration from (what books/websites etc). Could you maybe do a video or a blog post on that?

  9. Hello Anna. I saw your blog for the first time yesterday and I´m soo in love with your family! You look like an amazing mom, you have wonderful children and you seem very healthy and happy! Sorry, if my English isn´t so good, I'm brazilian :). I wish you all the best. I´ll keep watching your videos and wishing you a great labor and I'm anxious to see baby 3!! xoxo !!


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