Alessia's 8 Month Update

Do you want to know something really embarrassing? Alessia has never even been featured on this blog. I know, awful!! So while there are hundreds of videos of her on YouTube and even pictures of her on Instagram, until now I had never managed to find the time to get some proper photos of her (taken by an actual camera and not a phone). So finally 8 months she is! Alessia Francesca Saccone Joly in all of her beautiful blue-eyed glory. We happen to think she's adorable and I hope you all do too. 

Height/Weight: I actually don't know any of these because she hasn't been weighed or measured since she was about 4 months old! But she's growing and that's all that matters. She is in size 3 nappies and age 6-9 month clothes.  

Routine: At the moment Alessia's routine looks like this: 

7am - Wake up & breastfeed 
8am - Breakfast
9:30am - Breastfeed and nap of 1/2 hour
10am - Wake up
11am - Breastfeed (sometimes...she had actually dropped this and then she got ill so she picked it back up again)
11:30/11:45am - Lunch
12:30pm - Breastfeed followed by 2 hour nap
2:30pm - Wake up
4pm - Breastfeed
5pm - Dinner
6pm - Bath, breastfeed & bed

Sleeping: Alessia sleeps for 1/2 an hour in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon and is normally fast asleep by 7pm until 7am. She was sleeping through the night but again, recently she's been feeling poorly so she has been waking in the night off & on. It's not every night though and I think once she gets back to normal so will her sleep.

Eating: Alessia loves her solid food and she eats a considerably large amount for such a small baby! She never ceases to amaze me with how much food she can put away...especially breakfast! She normally has three courses: porridge, fruit purée and toast! She likes to eat most things though she does like banana & avocado purée the best and is a fan of root vegetables. She doesn't mind peas or broccoli but hates spinach & courgettes. She has tasted beef, pork, chicken, salmon and a tiny bit of cod. I have finally got her to drink from a sippy cup which until this month she absolutely refused. I had to feed her water from a spoon! But now she seems to like her cup and I don't have to fight her to drink from it anymore. 


- She has four teeth! She grew her two front top ones this past month although one of them grew in after the other so she looked like a little jack-o-lantern there for a while!
- She can give me a high-five and wave bye-bye
- She recognises people by their if I mention "daddy" she knows where to look and same thing for "Emilia", "Eduardo" and "doggies". 
- She's standing a lot (assisted) and has taken a few steps holding onto our hands. I feel like she likes standing more than the other two did, or at least she prefers it to sitting! 
- Lots of babbling and chatting away but no first words yet! We're still waiting patiently. 


  1. Wow - Alessia has such a structured routine. My little boy is two days younger and I’m still trying to keep up with him everyday with what he needs and when.

    We are still waiting for teeth to cut through - it’s put a bit of a stopper on our baby-led weaning idea but LO still loves his food!

    Alessia is such a cutie - you can tell from the photos she has so much personality :)

    Jackie O xo

  2. Alessia is getting so big and more beautiful every time I see her.I'm so happy that I have gotten to watch you family grow. I had started watching when your family moved to England. And have been hooked since. I wish all the best Anna and can't wait to see more. God bless!❤

  3. She is so beautiful! I can't believe it's already 8 months! I never realized how fast time flies until I had my babies.

  4. Can't wait for when to be walking and speaking haha. How are Emilia and Eduardo getting on with her?

  5. Lovely pics and so nice to read Alessia's updates. She's just beautiful! :)

  6. I love her ... Looking at her makes me smile ... She's so adorable

  7. Have just been looking at pics of Alessia next to her cousin and she is 100% golden skin tone. Such beautiful little girl you got there. x

  8. She just gets more precious by the day. Don't be surprised if she's taking steps, my nephew started walking at 8 1/2 months...UH OH! Really glad she's healthy and doing well! Good job, Mama!

    K A T E L A T E L Y || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  9. I love how happy Alessia is with her little happy arms and handsies!

  10. A lovely blog post Anna I really enjoyed reading it :):) :):) alessia is so cute I love her blue eyes :):) :):)

  11. Hi Anna. Alessia is so beautiful!!! I have a 5 month old, her name is Emilia :)
    I wanted to ask you how did you establish such a perfect routine with Alessia?
    Hugs all the way from Ecuador,

  12. Hi Anna. Alessia is so beautiful!! I have a 5 month old baby, her name is Emilia :)
    I wanted to ask you, how did you establish such a perfect routine with Alessia?
    Hugs for all your family, all the way from Ecuador.


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