Reading People's Assumptions About Me!

Note to self...these boots & this slate gravel do not mix well. Hahaha! I basically was sinking into the pebbles the entire time we were taking pictures. Oops. Anyway, I bought this jumper in the sale in Brown Thomas when we were last in Ireland as I had underpacked and needed one more outfit for the trip home. It was totally bought on a whim and I didn't realise how much I'd love it! These blouson sleeves & cropped combo are eeeverything!

What I'm Wearing


Jumper - The Kooples (out of stock)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind (similar style)
Boots - Valentino (out of stock)


14K Gold 5 Letter Necklace - Maya Brenner
PerlĂ©e Signature Gold Bracelet - Van Cleef & Arpels
Soleste Earrings in Rose Gold - Tiffany's


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  1. Hi Anna I love seeing your outfit pictures. You have some really lovely clothes. What I like best about the pictures is they are just so natural! Xxxx

  2. Hi Anna! I love that jumper I have a very similar one from H&M that I bought in London (I'm from Argentina) I love the sleeves and cropped waist too.

    I didn't have any expectations of you reading my assumption ( because you receive so many) but I remember saying something along the lines of I imagine you always smell nice and wear cute perfumes. (I know I do ha!)

    Fun video!


  3. Love watching you. I have from the moment I saw Amelia. She reminded ,e so much of my daughter. Then your oatmeal had to be addicted... it is the best!and I can not thank you more for inspiring me to exercise... blessings to you and your family... all the positivitin the world!

  4. Love watching you. I have for years. It started with Amelia. Can't say less about the oatmeal we all love to eat it at home... and lastly you have inspired me to exercise...God bless you and your family...

  5. Hi Anna,
    I really enjoyed the Assumpumptions video and grateful that you took the time to talk about my assumptions.
    Alexandra (Life of Mummy)

  6. I had a nice laugh at this. People are crazy, in all honesty. You always inspire me as a mama to keep on going. <3

  7. Hi Anna,

    This is the first of your personal videos i've watched. It's also the first time i've ever commented.

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this video. You are a very genuine and confident person and I like how you can respectfully hold firm on your opinions whilst also having the guts to answer the assumptions.


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