What I Ate Wednesday {9.1.19}


This is actually a completely recycled outfit from 2016, minus the boots which I did change but it's otherwise the same! I later realised that the Valentino boots do not work well on these slate pebbles...you'll see what I mean in a future post! Today's What I Ate Wednesday is brought to you by a sleep deprived mama...we had been going through some sleep issues with Andrea as he has been teething a lot lately. It's still hit or miss and some nights are better than others (thankfully last night was good!). But there are definitely days where I feel like a walking zombie. Coffee & concealer are my friends!!

What I'm Wearing


Jumper - Gestuz (out of stock)
Leather Leggings - Michael Kors (available in purple here)
Boots - Whistles


14K Gold 5 Letter Necklace - Maya Brenner
Perlée Signature Gold Bracelet - Van Cleef & Arpels
Soleste Earrings in Rose Gold - Tiffany's


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  1. Still to this day I don't understand how u do it, it blows my mind. Do you have any tips on how to get motivated to start building routines into my every day life. It just looks so hard to keep up with everything . I am 21, student and also working and i can never find time for anything especially for me. What will happen if i'll have kids in the future ? Omg adult life can be scary sometimes 😂

  2. I love Alessia’s facial expressions she makes me laugh so much!! I hope Andrea’s teething gets better! Love Ismay❤️❤️❤️

  3. Anna, you're a wonderful inspiration ... positivity and light! Thank you.

  4. Hello,thank you very much for your videos. I love them very much and they help me in my life. I have two kids and I admire how you are the super mum. My first child woke up 6-8 times during the night and the second child is almost the same. I understand your prayers. I am very sorry for my English. English is not my mother tongue. Please can I ask you question? Please how long Is your Scorpion necklet? I would like to order one. Is it 45,60 or 80 cm? Thank you very much for your answer and wish you luck to all your beautiful family😍

  5. Hi Anna,

    I've watched your vlogs for a long time, since you were living in Ireland and Emilia was tiny, but never commented. I am now 26 years old with beautiful 2-year-old twin daughters, living also in the South of England. I'd love to meet up and maybe do a playdate if you were ever interested! I don't really do social media and I don't have a channel or anything, but always looking for new mum friends and I think my twins and Alessia would get along :)


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