My Week in Pictures!

I thought I would do a different kind of blog post today, and maybe if you guys like it I will make it a regular Friday tradition!  I have really enjoyed reading these on other blogs and I think it's a fun way to recap on the week just past!  So here is my week in pictures that I snapped with my phone via Instagram!  (My Instagram name is @annasaccone by the way :)

Saturday night dinner -- baked salmon & brown rice with Mediterranean veggies

Easter Sunday pastel nails -- Maybelline Porcelain Collection in Ceramic Blue

My Easter Outfit!

Easter Sunday mirror pic!  Just got my white chocolate bunny :)

Weekend Nando's -- veggie wrap & fries...delicious!

Puppies turned a week old on Wednesday!  Happy Birthday puppies!

Off to the post office!

Healthy afternoon snack -- red grapes & a kiwi

Friday nails -- Maybelline Porcelain Collection in Porcelain Pink!

I hope you enjoyed my week in pictures!  Have a great weekend -- we are off to the cinema to see Cabin in the Woods, I can't wait!  (My hubby & I love horror movies!)

Stay Stylish!


  1. This was a nice way to end the week btw i watch both your vlogs and style diet videos and i think ye r fab iv told my whole extended family to start watching . And anna you are stunning u and jofus are a great couple. everyday i watch your videos and they cheer me much thank you.

  2. You are a genius.

  3. Anna I love watching your videos and reading your blog posts. You are my role model. I love the idea of seeing your week in pictures. X


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