My Week in Pictures #9

Sunday - Caprese sandwich for lunch!
This is one of my go-to meals for lunchtime...the Food Doctor pita bread with mozzarella, tomatoes, rocket, olive oil and a little sea salt.  Delicious! :)  I make them for Jofus now too and he loves them!

Monday - Maybelline Pink Porcelain Nail Polish
Painted my nails before we left for Dublin to pick up my mom & sisters from the airport...this is one of my all-time favourite polishes, it's so opaque and pretty plus it lasts forever!  I'm actually still wearing it this evening and it hasn't chipped.  

Monday - 4D Ultrasound of Emilia!
While we were in Dublin we went to in the Blackrock Clinic and got an amazing 4D was so cool!  It's just so bizarre that you can actually see what your baby will look like before they are born, right?!  I already think she looks beautiful :)

Tuesday - Waiting at the OB's office!
We had our OB appointment Tuesday evening and there was a 45 minute delay...what better way to pass the time than to Instagram your knees?!  Ha ha ha!

Thursday - Wearing my new mother-of-pearl earrings!
As I said in my last outfit post my mom brought me back these earrings from Naples and I love them!  I want to wear them with everything!

I'm sorry I hadn't done one of these posts in ages...I feel like things have been crazy busy since we got back from Italy but now we're finally getting back to our regular schedule.  I did also snap a pic of my lunch today but I think Instagram was having some issues so it didn't post! :(  Anyway if you have an account too you can follow me here!  

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  We plan on relaxing and having a Breaking Bad marathon, it's our new favourite show!  I really didn't think I'd like it and we had put off watching it for so long because we thought the cancer story would be too upsetting...well I'm not going to lie, certain episodes in season 1 were hard to watch but now that we're onto season 2 it's gotten a lot better!  I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen the show already!

Stay Stylish!

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